Tips for Chapped Lips

It can get really chilly here in these Las Vegas winters, and this cold weather can really take a toll on you. It is the culprit that causes many people to get the sniffles, it keeps you house bound on those freezing days or nights, and if you are brave enough to go out and endure the weather, you are definitely at risk of chapped lips. There are many thing actually that can cause your lips to lose their smooth and soft texture, though the weather is a prominent one, and discovering how to avoid the unpleasant feel of cracked and dried lips will really save you the discomfort and pain.

Internal Faults

We can start out with the internal things you do that you may not even realize has an effect on your lips. For one, licking your lips is a mustn’t. When you lick your lips, it does in fact seem like you are moisturizing them, but in reality when the saliva dries away, it takes with it the natural moisture from your lips and will actually dry them out quicker. Another thing we tend to do that affects our mouth is breath through it instead of our nose. When we inhale through our mouth, especially when the temperature is cold, the air will naturally dehydrate the lips. In this scenario, it is best to breathe through the nose and bundle up with a scarf or bandana to keep the brittle air from your face. One more thing that you could cut down on to save you from the pain is salty foods. Naturally, salt will suck out the moisture in you when it is consumed, as much it does when it touches the lips, so it is important that you drink a lot of water as well.

External Faults

The external problems that can cause a peeling mouth range greatly. As mentioned before the wintry atmosphere is a great offender. One more way to ward of this dry coldness is to invest in a humidifier, which will give the air pleasant moisture your lips will thank you for. The sun, though a polar opposite to the icy feel of winter, can also harm your sensitive mouth which makes it important to still your sunscreen if your mouth can escape the flaky tenderness of a drought mouth. The most likely reprobate to chapped lips besides the cold is what products you use on your mouth. There are certain types of lipsticks and lip balms that contain certain chemicals in their formula that don’t contribute to softening of lips or even reverse it to some effect. There are some lipsticks that include alcohol as their chemicals, which can dry your lips just as bad as licking them can.

Keep it Natural

All in all, your best bet is to use an organic lip balm that you can be sure has all the ingredients you need to keep your mouth soft and pink without the ingredients you can’t exactly identify as helpful or not. It is best to go natural in these situations, because a company that keeps their ingredients in their simplest forms, knows how to stay practical which is how most of us like to keep it.