Tastes great and nice small size for travel. I’m not crazy about chapstick type lip balms but this is great for the category.

The high quality ingredients used are what help make this a great product! I love these.

My whole family loves these products. I love that they don’t have any artificial ingredients and this is my second order of them!! It is especially helpful during the cold months of the year and we are very happy with the quality of the product. Tastes great and works well !!

Best lip balm I’ve ever used. I have the strawberry flavor with the matching lip scrub and the combo really keeps my lips smooth and soft. And I don’t need to keep reapplying like other chapsticks or lip balms. Amazing.

This lip balm is by far one of the greatest thing my lips have ever touched. When I first started purchasing these incredible lip hydrators I didn’t know they existed honestly. My sister asked for them for Christmas one year and so I got her what she asked for and I am sooo glad I did. I’ve been buying them every Christmas ever since. This lip balm is seriously changing the chapstick game.

Kiss Me Honey has to be one of my new go to brands for lip care! I started out buying there lip scrub and had to get a chapstick to go with it.

I love these. They smell nice and aren’t full of toxins or chemicals like most chapstick. No artificial fragrance etc.
It goes on well and hydrates.

By far the best lip balm I’ve used. I’m obsessed with lip balms its the one thing I cant leave home without. This is because my lips get dry really fast and I despise that feeling of dry lips.

Moved back to Vegas a year ago and until now, have not found an organic product that keeps my lips soft and moisturized.

I absolutely LOVE this lip balm. It’s my absolute favorite! I use it on all my runs and bike rides. The mint is especially refreshing! I am completely comfortable letting my little girls use it because I know the ingredients are safe for them too. Looking forward to the new flavors coming out so I can order more!

In love with this! Coconut is amazing. Only one I’ll buy from now on.

This is by far my favorite chapstick!! I will no longer use anything but this brand.

My daughter and I are both sensitive to lip products. We are able to use this one. It feels great and protects well.

The winter in Ohio has been so up and down in temperature and my lips have been so dried out due to the constant change. These lip balms are AMAZING! Feel so smooth and lips are instantly hydrated. Never leave home without mine!
Amazon Customer

Love it … use it with the Kiss me Honey Lip Exfoliator/Scrub.

Good product at a good price. Gives nice coverage and very soothing.

I have purchased this lip balm numerous times, I absolutely LOVE them!

I keep one in almost every section of the house. Softer, more emollient than the old chapsticks and really nourishing. Not greasy at all. My new favorite.

Finally, something that works to moisturize that I can feel good about using.

finally found a safe, long wear chapstick! Well Done!

Got these as a gift for my girlfriend as a gift. She is a chapstick ADDICT. Loves these especially the coconut.
Amazon Customer

This is awesome lip balm!

Excellent product and wonderful customer service. Definitely a lovely lip balm that tastes amazing and moisturizes very well.

This product is very good it’s like putting coconut oil on your lips but without the excessive oil.

Love it! Will buy more.

This is the only chapstick I wear now.
Amazon Customer

I won’t go anywhere without this lip balm! Living in the desert we are constantly in search of the perfect moisturizers but it is so hard to find chemical-free paraben-free products! This organic lip balm is made with the best ALL ORGANIC ingredients. It smells amazing and goes on so easy!

I must have lip balm, not lipstick or lip gloss (while I do wear those, too), but lip balm everywhere, all the time. Thank goodness I found Kiss Me Honey. It is the perfect balm. It feels like silk: not waxy, not greasy and not grainy -like some natural balms.

They are just as you would expect in a Chapstick. Moisturizing without leaving your lips greasy or sticky.

The best lip balm ever. I recently had a reaction to a lip product and this lip balm healed my lips. Great customer service!

I have literally tried around 50 lip balms ranging from Carmex to La Mer ($60) and EVERYTHING in between.. It seemed that every balm I used made my lips tight and drier after some time passed. Soooo frustrating…. So i settled with a mediocre balm for a while. Then I discovered this balm and expected the normal mediocre result but much to my surprise this balm actually works!
C Werner

I am a makeup artist and there is no way I will apply any sort of lipstick without this product. It feels so amazing on the lips. My clients always ask what is that you put on my lips. I love the way it feels.

This Lip Balm is absolutely AMAZING! The last few months I started going chemical free, and it was beyond difficult to find a chemical free lip balm I did not have to make myself. I have been been using this brand now for the last month and my lips feel so refreshed and I’m not needing to reapply every other like other lip balms.