Soon Kiss My Honey will be in Retail!!!

We are excited to announce a new organic lip balm that not only looks trendy and eye catchy but everything in this product is nothing but wonderful organic ingredients. Kiss Me Honey also has had two interview with press here in Las Vegas. One will be in “The Sunday/Vegas Inc!” and the other will be in “The Sunday Magazine.” Hopefully this will give our lip balm more notice here in the Valley…

We are wanting our product in Salons, Spas, Boutiques and beauty stores such as Sephora!! Stay tuned for more news and look out for our Press Releases.

In Honor of the 2014 Emmy Awards

Kiss Me honey Organic Lip Balm had an amazing time at the 2014 Emmy Awards!! We headed to Los Angeles Nokia Theatre to handout our product inside the gifting suite before the award ceremony.

Our all natural, organic, paraben free, preservative free lip balm was a hit! We passed out about 140 pieces to all different celebrities.

Here are some names of celebrities who all enjoyed our lip balms….







The Power of a Kiss

When you kiss with your lips, what are the thoughts that run through your head? Is it, “Oh, maybe their lips taste like honey”? or “Awe, these lips smell like mint chocolate”?

No, a kiss is a raw, very organic, all natural sensation between people that love one another!

How we love the power of a kiss….XOXO

The Best Natural Oils to Use

Did you know that some of the best all natural oils you can use can already be found in your own kitchen?

Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is an all natural oil that can be used to moisturize your lips, face and skin. Most importantly, this oil is used in our very own Kiss Me Honey Lip Balm for several reasons. For starters, it has great antioxidant properties and contains no synthetic additives. But the best part is it’s convenience! You can easily obtain coconut oil at any local grocery store.

Almond Oil

Another amazing oil is Almond Oil. You can used almost oil for various uses as well. It is good for massages, as an after bath oil, is great to place on hair, helps acne, and relieves dry chapped lips.

Both of these ingredients are used in our organic, all natural lip balm and make a great difference in the feel of your lips!!

Check out this article for more great tips and uses.


What is Kiss Me Honey?

Kiss Me Honey was created by a woman who has spent time researching products on the market today and found that very little actually use natural ingredients. Other lip balms on the market are loaded with tons of chemicals, parabens, petroleum, and other additives. These chemicals should not be in or around our mouth.

The intent and purpose of Kiss Me Honey was to develop an organic lip balm – free of chemicals, parabens, and anything artificial! Our vision has come to life! Kiss Me Honey uses all natural, organic ingredients; all of which you can easily read on our label and know exactly what you are applying onto your lips. Every single ingredient has a benefit to all of our consumers; whether it be for moisture, antioxidants, essential oil healing properties, or coconut oil’s known amazing heath properties.

8 Sweet Facts about Honey


  • One million tons of honey is produced each year.
  • Honey is a 100% pure and natural sweetener.
  • Honey is a natural moisturizer.
  • Since it’s a natural moisturizer, it is actually great for chapped lips.
  • Honey does not have an expiration date.
  • Bacteria cannot grow in honey.
  • It dates back to at least 700 BC.
  • The purest form of honey comes straight from the honeycomb.