Tips for Chapped Lips

It can get really chilly here in these Las Vegas winters, and this cold weather can really take a toll on you. It is the culprit that causes many people to get the sniffles, it keeps you house bound on those freezing days or nights, and if you are brave enough to go out and endure the weather, you are definitely at risk of chapped lips. There are many thing actually that can cause your lips to lose their smooth and soft texture, though the weather is a prominent one, and discovering how to avoid the unpleasant feel of cracked and dried lips will really save you the discomfort and pain.

Internal Faults

We can start out with the internal things you do that you may not even realize has an effect on your lips. For one, licking your lips is a mustn’t. When you lick your lips, it does in fact seem like you are moisturizing them, but in reality when the saliva dries away, it takes with it the natural moisture from your lips and will actually dry them out quicker. Another thing we tend to do that affects our mouth is breath through it instead of our nose. When we inhale through our mouth, especially when the temperature is cold, the air will naturally dehydrate the lips. In this scenario, it is best to breathe through the nose and bundle up with a scarf or bandana to keep the brittle air from your face. One more thing that you could cut down on to save you from the pain is salty foods. Naturally, salt will suck out the moisture in you when it is consumed, as much it does when it touches the lips, so it is important that you drink a lot of water as well.

External Faults

The external problems that can cause a peeling mouth range greatly. As mentioned before the wintry atmosphere is a great offender. One more way to ward of this dry coldness is to invest in a humidifier, which will give the air pleasant moisture your lips will thank you for. The sun, though a polar opposite to the icy feel of winter, can also harm your sensitive mouth which makes it important to still your sunscreen if your mouth can escape the flaky tenderness of a drought mouth. The most likely reprobate to chapped lips besides the cold is what products you use on your mouth. There are certain types of lipsticks and lip balms that contain certain chemicals in their formula that don’t contribute to softening of lips or even reverse it to some effect. There are some lipsticks that include alcohol as their chemicals, which can dry your lips just as bad as licking them can.

Keep it Natural

All in all, your best bet is to use an organic lip balm that you can be sure has all the ingredients you need to keep your mouth soft and pink without the ingredients you can’t exactly identify as helpful or not. It is best to go natural in these situations, because a company that keeps their ingredients in their simplest forms, knows how to stay practical which is how most of us like to keep it.

Preventing Chapped Lips

Chapped Lips are as bad as they sound. Just listen to the words, Chapped lips. For those who see them, the chapped lips can influence a response of “ill”, and/ or “icky”, and for those who have them you can easily look in the mirror a see yourself as unsightly, scarred, and blemished. Chapped lips are not only icky, ugly, and a problem of aesthetics, but they can hurt, even bleed depending on the severity of your dryness. We here, at Kiss Me Honey, in Las Vegas are the providers of an organic lip balm made from honey. Honey is a natural ingredient that is composed of many medicinal properties, and we have harnessed its healing power to turn chapped lips back into the, sweet, kissable, muscle they are designed to perform. But the purpose of this blog is to inform our readers of things to do to prevent the icky, sometimes sticky, dry, cracking, embarrassment, called chapped lips, from ever stalking your mouth again.

Las Vegas is A Chapped Lip Mecca

Las Vegas is a breeding ground for chapped lips. The dry scorching heat of the summer and the cool windy air of the winter terrorize people lips. Lip care must be a part of your daily practices and routines. Here are a list of habits one should develop to prevent the chap.

  • Stop licking your lips: Moisture is dried up by the sun and by the wind. The dry saliva turns into the chap.
  • Breath through your nose: This little step to redirect the flow of air away from you lips can go a long way in preventing the chap.
  • Drink Plenty of water: Hydrating your body also help hydrate your lips. This is called good moisture, and prevents the sticky type of moisture that causes chapped lips.
  • Choose the right tooth paste: Many tooth paste contain synthetic ingredient that can cause allergic reactions and cause dry lips.
  • Limit Salt intake: It quite simple salt dries out anything it touches. Salt absorbs moisture. People will be saying a double,”icky”. Imagine dry crack lips with some salted Cheetos all caked in, “icky, icky, icky”.
  • Choose the right lip stick: Lips stick with vitamin E, and Shea butter are always good for preventing the chap.
  • Keep lips covered in extreme weather conditions.


Organic Lip Balm

Don’t wait until your lips get chapped to use lip balm. Lip balm in advance of the chapped is a sure solution. Apply after brushing, before you go outdoors, after eating and washing up, at all times keep your lips protected with Organic lip Balm.


Kiss Me Honey

Now all this talk about lips, and the defeat of the chap, and the return of the lusciousness of healthy lips, means there is only one thing left to do. Find your loved one, look each other eye to eye and say, “Kiss me honey”. Las Vegas you are not alone in your fight to ban the chap. Kiss Me Honey is here for the well-being of your lips.


Why Organic Lip Balms are Better

Lip balm can soothe dry or chapped lips, and also protect the delicate skin of your mouth from harsh temperatures and other factors that could irritate the tissue. Organic lip balm provides even greater benefits, because it contains no chemicals, pesticides, additives or synthetic ingredients that could harm your body or the environment. These all-natural lip soothers frequently contain fewer ingredients than other types of lip balm, so it’s easier to understand what you’re putting on your skin. In addition, many organic lip balms are also cruelty-free and eco-friendly, so you’re doing both your body and the planet a service!


Chemical-Free Beauty

Traditional lip balms might contain primarily synthetic ingredients such as petrochemicals and manufactured ingredients for coloring, fragrance and therapeutic benefits. Organic lip balms use strictly natural ingredients to provide color and promote softness and moisture. For example, many organic lip balms include ingredients such as beeswax, cocoa butter, Vitamin C and Vitamin E.


Cruelty-Free Beauty

In addition, many organic lip balm manufacturers are committed to creating only products that don’t harm animals and that are ideal for people who practice a vegan or vegetarian lifestyle. They don’t use any ingredients derived from or tested on animals, and they don’t conduct any animal testing themselves.


Eco-Friendly Beauty

Non-organic lip balms sometimes contain ingredients that can harm the environment, either through how they’re derived or how they’re manufactured. Many of these balms, for example, contain petroleum-based products, which is obtained by drilling into the earth. They may also contain synthetic products that are manufactured and may produce byproducts that can damage the environment. Organic lip balms, however, contain natural components that often have far less impact on air, water, and soil.


Health Benefits

Many organic lip balms provide deep conditioning and significant health benefits. For example, they frequently include vitamins and antioxidants. This means they don’t just make your lips feel softer, they actually improve the health of your lips by providing nourishment. Beeswax, a common ingredient in organic lip balms, offers a plethora of benefits. It not only feels good on your lips, it can actually repair damage caused by sun exposure or simply not caring for your lips. It also acts as a barrier that can protect your lips from damage in the future. Plus, beeswax has deep and long-lasting benefits that go way beyond just making your lips feel soft and smooth. In fact, it’s antibacterial, so it can help prevent the growth of infection-causing bacteria. In addition, it has anti-inflammatory properties and contains antioxidants. All of this means that it can protect your lips and promote healthy skin.

With Kiss Me Honey lip balm, you know you’re getting only the finest natural ingredients, including organic beeswax and organic lip balm. Check out our entire product line to find the beauty products that are right for you.

Change Allows for Growth

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